An Introduction to Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture for Children

Somos Amigos (We Are Friends) is a program geared towards kindergarten and first grade children who have little or no prior exposure to the Spanish language. The developmentally appropriate curriculum has been designed to introduce children to the Spanish language and Hispanic culture and traditions in a fun and interactive way. Children will learn Spanish vocabulary and phrases while celebrating Hispanic culture and traditions. The curriculum themes will be presented in a variety of ways to accommodate all learning styles and capitalize on each child’s strength. Information sheets will be sent home at the end of each class containing the vocabulary and phrases covered. It is important to review this information with your child and practice at home. Repetition is key!

The predictable class routine helps children to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. Children will participate in a “greeting meeting” to begin each class, share a light snack and story, sing and move using visual aids, play games, meet puppet friends and come together for a closing meeting. The differentiated instruction style meets the needs of each child and the community building activities help to create a caring and supportive environment where children feel safe to take a “risk” and learn something new! The program is taught in both English and Spanish. I am so happy to combine my love of the Spanish language with my passion for teaching young children. Participants in this program will meet new friends, learn about a new language, and have FUN while doing it.