An Introduction to Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture for Children

Gina Moulton

Gina and her amiga, Consuelo, from Spain

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Massachusetts. I am a Sheltered English Immersion kindergarten teacher and have been teaching in an inclusion setting for eleven years. I embrace the true inclusion model where accommodations are made for all special needs and high expectations are set for all children.

My interests include teaching young children, music, travel and studying Spanish language and Hispanic culture abroad. I have been fortunate enough to study and teach children in beautiful Spain, Mexico and Ecuador. I have also enjoyed teaching Spanish lessons to preschoolers in Massachusetts!

Currently I am taking an extended maternity leave from my kindergarten class to stay home and spend time with my wonderful baby boy!

“Gina is a seasoned educator of young children who brings much creative energy and skill to her lesson plans. She has worked successfully with children with a wide range of backgrounds and educational needs. A particular strength is her ability to engage and motivate kids through the arts of storytelling, movement, song, and puppetry. On our kindergarten faculty of seven teachers she emerged as a leader in developing ESL techniques at our school.”

-Mac Everett
Retired Kindergarten Teacher